About B.Influential

Be Influential is an application specifically designed for influencers from a variety of platforms.


Be Influential allows you to connect with other influencers, companies and brands to collaborate, partner up and get insider knowledge on what's in. 


This platform connects people like none other as it is exclusively designed around Influencers in mind. Relax and get to know the latest influencer related news and articles in the home section. 


By connecting with others, you'll be able to grow your following and collaborate in new and exciting ways. 


Companies will be able to more easily find and target you.

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  • twitter
  • facebook
  • youtube
  • new Withe

CONNECT WITH OTHERS - Connect with other influencers and creators with the built in messaging feature. Be Influential is exclusively designed for influencers and creators, as a space to collect, connect and collaborate.


So say hello and connect with like-minded people.


Expand your social net and discover what possibilities await you by collaborating with people ! 



you'll be able to collaborate with various brands and companies.


Whatever your audience and niche is, there are always brands looking for ways to get their word out there.


Traditional advertising campaigns can often be costly and inefficient for companies, so sponsorships with influencers and collaborators often proves to be more fruitful.


With Be Influential, you'll be able to expand your creative process and you'll be eneabled to continue your passions.